Snippets of happiness in pain

I don't believe time heals everything. Pain accumulates- head being all over the place, mini existential crisis, guys from the past, family and just trying to get my shit together. Time passes, but the pain is still there. It comes back to haunt you, again and again. My experience in counseling sessions last time taught... Continue Reading →


“身体系列”追寻着平庸中的不平凡,从我们身体部位的角度出发,细腻地去感知生活、社会与世故。希望从人类共性中发掘闪光处,也对光亮投射出的阴影做出思考与探究。 “手”一诗中探究的是:众“手”平等吗?为何有些手仿佛更尊贵,有些手令人退避三舍?

《无尽之旅 无光之旅》


Finding Certainty in Uncertainty

Finally, the long-awaited part of my life has arrived: I am a university freshmen! The past two weeks were full of orientation, camps, making new friends, meeting seniors and professors, having 3am confessions while hungover (not me), and most significant of all- moving into my dormitory. Against the backdrop of change, aka not knowing what... Continue Reading →

「Post-Alevels reflection: 拒绝西西弗斯式(sisyphean)的人生」

“我总感觉,大多数人这样度过一生,好像不大对劲儿。我承认这种生活的社会价值,我也看到它井然有序的幸福,但是,我的血液里有一种强烈的冲动,渴望一种桀骜不驯的旅程。这样的安逸总让我惊惧。我的心渴望更加惊险的生活。只要我能有所改变,  改变和不可预知的冒险,我将踏上嶙峋怪石, 哪怕激流险滩。” —月亮与六便士 (click to read more!)

《周而复始》— Where does the cycle ends?

This piece of writing was inspired by the news of Dakota Crescent's redevelopment and it explores the intangible values of estates in the historical, cultural and social realms. Advice: You may want to read the Chinese writing below first if you are a Chinese reader, and return to the english introduction afterwards. The following paragraphs... Continue Reading →

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